Vanessa’s not the kind of girl to mess around.  She knows what she wants, and she takes it!  When Vanessa walks into a party, she’s likely to grab the first person she sees and start dancing before she ever says hello.

    But don’t take her aggressive take on life too seriously.  She’s a real sweetheart once you talk to her, and you’d never know that she’s the proud mommy of two little puppies!

    (They are ridiculously, insanely cute.)

    Favorite book: Nope
    Favorite restaurant: Firefly
    Favorite Disney movie: Cinderella

    Call Now to see if Vanessa is working tonight, or to book her for a future night!

    It’s easy.  Just call (702) 907-7711 and we’ll go over all the details.  We’ll ask you what types of girls you’re into, what your party is looking to do, and get the girls to you FAST!

    • Types of Girls

    • We Come to Your Hotel!

      We're available 24/7 for all types of fully nude, custom in-room shows...

      * Body Shots
      * Girl on Girl shows
      * Fully nude lap dances
      * Full contact grinding
      * Whipped cream races
      * Lesbian toy shows
      * Party games
      * Topless hosting
      * Multiple-girl shows
      * Sexy outfits
      * Costumes

    • For any Occasion:

      * Bachelor party
      * Birthday party
      * Divorce party
      * Frat party
      * Guy's night out

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