How it Works

STEP #1) Give me a call at my local number, 100% toll-free: (702) 907-7711

STEP #2) Tell me what kinds of girls you’re into.  I can help talk you through it.

STEP #3) I’ll text you photos of girls that are particularly your type.  These are REAL photos of the ACTUAL females who are available to show up TONIGHT.  Not some random photos of random girls like most sites will show you.  (That’s why we text them to you… so we can guarantee that the girls are currently on call, available within the hour.)

STEP #4) If you don’t like the photos I send, you can call another company.  But based upon my years of experience here in Vegas, you WILL LOVE the way my ladies look.  They’re the absolute best that Vegas has to offer.

So what are you waiting for?

Call me ;)  (702) 907-7711


  • Types of Girls

  • We Come to Your Hotel!

    We're available 24/7 for all types of fully nude, custom in-room shows...

    * Body Shots
    * Girl on Girl shows
    * Fully nude lap dances
    * Full contact grinding
    * Whipped cream races
    * Lesbian toy shows
    * Party games
    * Topless hosting
    * Multiple-girl shows
    * Sexy outfits
    * Costumes

  • For any Occasion:

    * Bachelor party
    * Birthday party
    * Divorce party
    * Frat party
    * Guy's night out

    Call or Text Now!
    (702) 907-7711